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Energy Procurement


​Our fast and efficient procurement service provides you with everything you need to save time and money. We negotiate directly with suppliers to deliver the best energy solutions for your business needs.

Fixed Pricing


There are diverse reasons why fixed price procurement may be the best fit for your business, and we have the solutions to help you get the most from your fixed price contracts. Fixed price contracts are the simplest approach to the wholesale electricity and gas markets, with just one purchasing decision required.


Under a fixed contract, you make a single transaction at a prevailing commodity price and this is the price you pay for the full contract duration. Once it’s fixed, it’s fixed: the price cannot be reversed once the contract is in place

Account Management


Looking after your utility costs, budget and understanding the risks in an ever-changing market is complex and a time-consuming task. We understand the frustrations that customers feel, especially when trying to deal with some of the energy companies.


From the moment we are appointed to tend to your energy procurement you will find our services clear and efficient. As part of our Account Management Service you will get:

  • Updates on progress

  • Dedicated pricing specialist

  • Detailed analysis of your options

  • Professional advice on the best route for your business

  • Full supplier switch service

  • Ongoing customer service support

  • Contract end and renewal management – ensuring you don’t ever roll over contact end dates and be at risk of higher none contract tariffs

Bill Validations


We perform a detailed audit on historic contracts and amounts already paid with the aim to identify any errors. We then liaise with the energy supplier and arrange for you to be refunded directly with any overpayments. We do all the work for you.

Energy Renewal


Many businesses are unaware of the auto renewal trap. It is vital to know the renewal date of your energy contract and the notice period that is required to terminate with your current supplier.


Most of the time, the renewal prices are higher than the prices in the existing contract.

SME Solutions will keep track of your renewal date which will effectively protect your business from auto renewal trap. We will also present you the available renewal price. 




Businesses can save a significant amount of money by switching suppliers and streamlining payments. But many have stuck with legacy suppliers – paying more for a lethargic service.

As a leading and independent utilities consultancy, SME Solutions has the market knowledge, the contacts and the resolve to help you navigate the new retail water market and save.

With water, we offer the same professional switching service as we do with business energy.

Why you should switch water suppliers with SME Solutions:

  • Reduce water and waste water costs

  • Consolidate bills

  • Get better service

  • Advice on saving water

  • Get started with a water bill

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